What training effects can I expect from CrossFit? It doesn’t matter whether you are reducing body fat or lose weight, build muscle or define your body. With CrossFit you can achieve all your goals.

Through the workouts, many muscle groups are addressed simultaneously and you build a balanced, athletic basis or strengthen your existing skills.

Individual weak points are eliminated by CrossFit and your physical limits are extended. Ergo: The CrossFit exercises have a positive influence on our overall physical fitness and health.

Mobility is an essential factor in CrossFit. We have here for you as video our Mobility routine, which we do before every workout to prevent injuries:

CrossFit Definitions

The CrossFit WODs (Workouts of the Day) contain countless abbreviations and terms such as “For Time” or “AMRAP”. But what do these terms stand for? Especially for beginners this can cause a lot of confusion at the beginning. In the following we have summarized the 6 most important CrossFit terms including their meaning.

As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible

You should complete as many repetitions / rounds as possible of a sequence of exercises within a given time.

Every Minute On The Minute

In each beginning minute the given CrossFit exercises must be completed.

Example: EMOTM for 8 minutes 5 Air Squats + 5 Jumping Jacks then means that you make 5 Air Squats + 5 Jumping Jacks every starting minute for 8 minutes and have the rest of the time until the minute is up.

For Time

Here, the predefined CrossFit workouts are to be completed as quickly as possible. For Time is primarily intended to help you to increase your performance and intensity and to step into a kind of challenge with yourself.

Rounds For Time

For temporary laps, you must complete the CrossFit exercises as quickly as possible – like For Time or AFAP.

As Fast As Possible

Also with this instruction one should complete the given exercises as fast as possible – as with RFT or For Time.

Workout Of The Day

WOD or Workout of the Day stands for your training session of the day, i.e. the workout you do on a particular day.

There are countless CrossFit exercises.

We have created a step by step guide of the exercises, which you will find later in our Strong Workout of the Day Plan.

Not all CrossFit exercises require existing strength and endurance.

You can put together an individual training program at home using our CrossFit instructions.

Feel your way step by step to the exercises and increase the intensity of the exercises according to your own ability.

The main thing is that you always pay attention to a clean execution of movements during the CrossFit exercises.

If you happen to have weights lying around at home, you can also use them to increase the intensity of some exercises.


The Burpee, also called Squat Thrust, is one of the most effective whole body exercises from the CrossFit range and serves in particular to strengthen strength endurance.

It is a combination of several exercises – knee bend, push-up and stretch jump – which is performed in a flowing movement.

The Burpee burns calories, strengthens our cardiovascular system and strengthens legs, bottom, trunk, back, chest and shoulder.

This is how you run the burpee:

The exercise begins in an upright position, with your feet about the width of your hips apart.

Squat down and place your hands shoulder-wide in front of your feet on the floor. Your heels will not touch the floor.

You stretch backwards with a quick movement of your legs so that you reach the push-up position.

Perform a push-up.

Then pull your legs back in to get back into the squatting position.

Then return to the starting position and do a stretch jump. Stretch your arms all the way up.

As soon as your feet touch the ground again after the jump, start from the front.

Make sure that you perform the burpee cleanly and in a fluid movement. Your back should always be stretched and should not sag, especially in the push-up position. If you still feel insecure at the beginning, simply perform the exercise slowly and gently. Increase the intensity and pace over time.

Air Squat

The Air Squat, which we also call a knee bend exercise, helps us to build muscles in the trunk and legs. At the same time it improves flexibility and endurance. This exercise is perfect for a full body workout.

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