You are becoming more and more sensitive

In addition to your expanded perception, you are becoming more and more sensitive. You feel what others feel, you feel thin-skinned and you have difficulties to distinguish yourself from other people’s pain. Here are spiritual awakening signs for preparing for a psychic reading and know what to expect.

Your old profession no longer suits you

Many awakening people feel the need to get out of their old job. They may not see the purpose behind their job or may be forced by internal processes to give up the job. Many also set out to find their vocation. For you the most important thing is to find meaning in your life and to do something good and valuable.

Especially at work we notice how old and new consciousness meet. This can be very challenging. Perhaps it will help you to realize that you are contributing to the salvation of the world and bringing peace into the world.

Break up your old relationships and friendships

As you awaken and go through deep inner processes, your friends and family members may be irritated and try to hold you back. Because they want you to stay the way you are. Many have difficulty dealing with your change. They want you to be normal again.

That’s no wonder, after all, you may not understand what’s wrong with you yourself. Then how can others understand it? Nevertheless, it is important that you get involved in your inner process and allow yourself to find more and more to yourself. In time you will notice who belongs to your friends and who doesn’t.

When old friendships dissolve, new people will enter your life at the same time.

You feel strange and suffer from feelings of guilt at times

With the awakening process you may no longer fit into the old system and think something is wrong with you. Maybe you used to be the one who was always there for everyone in her family and circle of friends and solved their problems.

If you are no longer able to do this, or if you no longer feel like it, it can lead to feelings of guilt.

This can make you feel as if you have to be different and adapt again so that others are satisfied and you do not disappoint them.

Nobody can help you

Many awakening people have doctors and therapists who do not understand their situation and cannot explain what is happening to you. They may diagnose diseases that do not feel right to you.

In this phase it is especially important that you listen to your intuition and feel what is right for you.

In principle, however, I think it is very important that you are accompanied in this phase by a therapist, healer, alternative practitioner, coach or counsellor.

Your being becomes more important than what you do

I think this sentence sums it up. As you wake up, you’ll find it harder and harder to adapt to the old system, to function, to let yourself be stressed, and to follow one goal after another.

Instead, the quality of silence and inner peace is becoming more and more important in your world. You will think about how you can make the world a more peaceful place with your mere presence. You are less active on the outside, but are connected to your inner core and act out of your inner wisdom.

You have wonderful awakening experiences

As difficult as awakening is sometimes, the gifts and wonderful experiences that come with it more than make up for it.

There are moments when you are connected to everything and overflow with love. You feel deeply touched and are suddenly in a state of consciousness that can only be described as peaceful.

You have physical symptoms

Spiritual awakening is often referred to as the light-body process. This is an exhausting time for the body because it processes things much more slowly than our mind and energy field.

Therefore, physical symptoms such as pain, headaches, tooth problems, weight gain or loss or muscle problems can occur during awakening. In principle, any physical symptom can be related to awakening. This is especially important when doctors cannot find an explanation for your symptoms.

However, I strongly advise against blaming everything on awakening. If you have any physical complaints, always see a doctor and have it cleared up.

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