Free shipping is becoming more and more a matter of course for many customers when it comes to ordering in an online shop. It’s not surprising that shipping parcels has long since become one of the biggest cost factors for your online shop. Therefore it is all the more important for you to keep your shipping costs as low as possible. But what can you do to keep your profit margin if you can’t or don’t want to transfer the shipping costs to your customers? We give you the answers! In this article we have therefore put together 6 effective tips for online shops on how you can send cheaper and thereby save shipping costs.

Use your bargaining power

It is no secret that the higher the shipping volume of your online shop, the more favorable conditions you can negotiate with a shipping to singapore from us service provider and thus send cheaper. What many online shops do not know: Especially small online shops with a low shipping volume can have a certain bargaining power. Do not be afraid to contact several shipping service providers to inquire about the respective shipping costs.

Always try to negotiate better conditions by convincing the shipping service provider with credible arguments. Convince yourself of the rapid growth of your online shop. Because shipping service providers are more inclined to offer you better conditions.

Bundle your strengths

The more packages you send per month, the lower your shipping costs will be. So have you ever thought about teaming up with other online stores? By purchasing shipping capacity and increasing your shipping volume, you can qualify for lower shipping costs.

Take a look at which companies are in your area and benefit from taking over the shipping process. In this way, you can negotiate even better conditions with a shipping service provider and send even cheaper.

Cooperate with other companies

Print advertising can still have massive effects and a strong advertising impact. For many companies, however, it is often difficult to reach the right target group. Do you address a specific target group with your product portfolio and online shop? If so, there will be many companies that want to be visible to their customers. Actively approach suitable companies and suggest a cooperation. Through a cooperation you can achieve that a part of your shipping costs will be covered and you can send your parcels cheaper. In return, you enclose a flyer from the advertiser with every order.

Of course, it does not work if you stuff the package with advertising. This can very quickly have a negative effect on the brand image of your online shop. But how do you solve this problem? Just be honest! There is nothing that customers nowadays respect more than a transparent online shop.

Pay attention to the right package size

Always pay attention to the right packaging and package size if you want to send cheaper. Sometimes it can be very rewarding for you if products can be shipped in a smaller package. Have you ever thought about shipping alternatives for smaller items and promotional items (e.g. Deutsche Post Goods)? This can be shipped at much lower cost and has individual Track & Trace notifications just like a normal parcel.

Another advantage is that your customer does not have to be at home to receive the shipment. Letters, on the other hand, do not have Track & Trace notifications. If you sell relatively cheap products with a small margin, a letter mail item can be a good alternative for your online shop. Just make sure that the products you send can easily fit into a letterbox.

Use packaging material several times

Always keep all packaging material for returns in a safe place. Save a lot of money by reusing cartons and fill materials. Especially smaller online shops can significantly reduce their shipping costs and send parcels cheaper. You can even ask your family and friends to use the packaging material. You should also check if there is a company in your area that often throws away good packaging material. You may be able to use this for your online shop.

Use online offers from shipping service providers

Arrange franking and payment for your parcels online. Large shipping service providers offer business customers so-called online offers (e.g. the DHL Business Customer Portal or MyDPD Business), which you can use to send parcels cheaper.

You specify to whom you want to send the parcel and pay conveniently online. Then print out the shipping label, stick it on the packaging and hand in the parcel or have it picked up. The advantages of such online offers are that they are cheaper and you as a business customer often qualify for volume discounts.

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