It’s true and obvious that today’s organizational business has actually grown from what we use to know as being analogue into the modern digital business. Here in our business guide, we will be looking into the metamorphosis of global business from analogue to digital, the post-digital era of business, the challenges that various business organizations faced in the pre-digital era, the benefits of digital era of business and why that conglomerates, that company organization needs to be digitalis via internet (if not yet done) for a reliable, accurate, timely, complete, and concise effective business management for butter out put.


During this period, which we might refer to as the dark ages in business, so many businesses were revolving only in one place without having much branches and extension. Branches, even when is there were not effective in terms of quality service delivery, effective business communication and contact outside the territory where it is situated on like what we have every where today.

In the western world as we refer to them, this period ended faster than it started compared to what we had in so many African countries during the period of digital business revolution.

In Africa, Nig. Precisely, these analogue business method remained (even in the midst of global digital business consciousness via the internet) not until the early 21st century (of course that was when the country embraced democracy in its 3rd republic) when most business organizations especially banks started digitalis their businesses having seen what it can give to them in terms of quality service delivery, business gain, the cost it can reduce for them and make their work more effective and rewarding.


If I may ask myself or like every other person may have asked, are there challenges that business organizations faced during this pre-digital business era? The humble answer is yes. So many of then was faced by customers (i.e. for banks and other companies), clients (for private businesses) and even staff of these a fore-mentioned business institutions. Remember we are using Africa as our case study and Nigeria as our point of focus. Learn more info about UK businesses at Imparture.

In banks, some customers had laid several complains on how long it had taken to have some money transferred into another branch for withdrawal in another branch, in fact that was not even possible before this times because you can not actually make payment in a branch and withdraw it in another, but everything will be done in the same branch both deposit and withdrawal. This was the bane of so many bank customers and advantage of highway robbers since individuals who are doing inter-state business will have to carry their raw cash all by themselves traveling.

So many had fallen victims of this high-way robbery circumstance whereas some had even resulted into the death of the people involved as a result of un-digitalized businesses in the area of banks. For some staff in most banks during that period, the job was very tedious since they will have to carry files from one desk to the other carrying one or two functions. This resulted into many graduates running away from banking jobs as a result of the challenging nature of the job before now.

But today, the story is definitely a different one. Graduates even clamor for the job which only but very few get. Banks were not the only business institution that experienced this challenges during this period, organizations like private companies, public liability companies, conglomerates, federal government owned business institutions like customs, immigration, to mention only but a few.

In immigration we learn t that It had taken much longer time for an applicant to have his request for an international passport granted than what is obtainable today.